Mini-Pumpkin Painting Kit

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Want a safe, creative, knife-free, no-carve, Fall activity for your kids?

Our Pumpkin-Painting Kit will do the Trick!  


Hands down the best decorations for Fall are pumpkins! And there is nothing better than making memories this season with your kids. But sometimes just thinking about hitting the stores and beating the crowds for all the items you'll need can feel overwhelming! So let us take care of that for you, we'll send it all straight to your doorstep! 

Each Kit includes:

  • Mini-pumpkin (artificial) 
  • Paint Brush
  • 3 Paint pods with your choice of 3 different colors
  • Brown paper bag to set it on while it dries on the porch or windowsill

 Note: Feel free to message me if you want any other unique color combinations!

Involving your kids in the holiday decorating process creates lifelong memories, not to mention these will be keepsakes for years to come, after they are grown and gone from home. Snap a picture while you're at it, and tag us on IG so we can see your kiddos' beautiful works of art! @pearlsandplaidofficial   

All paint is non-toxic and washable. 

All Kits include FREE Shipping!